The Old Post Standard Building was originally built for a confectioner in 1884.  This building was designed to fit a narrow commercial lot.  It is an adaptation of the Richardsonian Romanesque style, with decorative molded brick spandrels between floors.  The Syracuse Post published its first issue here on July 10, 1894 then merged with The Standard paper, publishing the first Post-Standard on January 1, 1899.  The entire façade of the building was remodeled during the merger.  Note the symbol in the gabled pediment near the roof line.  It represents a typesetter’s pick, a tool used in preparing type for printing.

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Syracuse didn’t always have just one newspaper.  The first newspaper was founded in 1829 as the Onondaga Standard.  It became the Syracuse Standard in the 1880s and around that time it was also known as the Daily Standard and The Weekly Standard.  

Flyer for the Syracuse Standard

That paper merged with the Syracuse Post on January 1st 1899 and became the Post-Standard.  

An old page from the Post Standard

Another newspaper, the Herald Journal, was formed from a merger between the Evening Herald and the Syracuse Journal in 1939.  Not long after, a third paper called the Sunday American, one of William Randolph Hearst’s, became known as the Herald American.  Samuel Newhouse purchased all three papers in 1944 and they operated until 2001 with the Post-Standard as a morning paper, the Herald Journal as an evening paper, and the Herald American as the Sunday paper.  In 2001 the Herald Journal went out of business and the Post Standard took over printing the Sunday paper, becoming the sole newspaper for Syracuse.  In 2013 the Post-Standard reduced its delivery to just Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings as the demand for news shifted to the Internet.  

Photo of reporters working in the Old Post Standard Building