The Seubert and Warner Building was designed by local architect Charles Colton for Seubert and Warner, manufacturers of cigars in 1875.  Later the Garret Paper Company operated here for many years.  The first edition of the Syracuse Herald newspaper was printed in this building on January 14, 1877. 

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Justin Seubert, born in Wurzburg, Germany in 1837, became a premier cigar maker in Syracuse.  He established his own business in 1866, and then partnered with William H. Warner to form the Seubert-Warner Company, charging five and ten cents for their cigars.  Because of a love of literature, Seubert named his first brand Pickwick Club based on the title of Charles Dickens’ first novel, The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club

Justin Seubert

He gave interesting names to other brands as well: Optimates, Conchas, Chicas, Perfection, May Queen, and Sunshine.  The Seubert-Warner Company dissolved in 1888 and Seubert became the sole proprietor of the company.  Under the name, Justin Seubert, Inc., he managed two cigar making factories, one in New York City that employed 350 people, the other in Syracuse that employed 100 people.