The Stag Hotel is an Italianate building that is the oldest in the row of seven structures that constituted this block.  It was one of the first hotels in the district, built around 1870 as the City Hotel and functioned as a hotel through 2011. Note the fine brickwork along the cornice line and above the window openings.

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This is another one of the oldest buildings in Armory Square, dating to the early 1870s.  It is the oldest building in a row of seven structures.  The development of this block of West Fayette Street was directly related to the railroad activity.  The construction of the 1896 Richardsonian Romanesque Railroad Station across the street greatly influenced the commercial activities in these buildings.  The hotel was built to serve clients from the main line of the railroad that once ran east to west through Syracuse until the tracks were elevated in the 1930s.  In 1876, some 40 hotels were listed in the Syracuse street directory in the Armory District.

A photo of West Fayette Street, the Stag Hotel is the building with the light colored façade

Over the years, The Stag has been a hotel and saloon for most the time.  We’re told the Stag was built by a Syracusan named Charles Coppins, an immigrant from England, as the City Hotel. Over the years, it has been named the Delavan House, Hotel Terminal, Lincoln Hotel, and The Stag.  Right now, the bar is called the Holmes Pub.  The Stag has 20 rooms, rented out to single men mostly.