The McArthur, Wirth, and Cooney Building was fire damaged, slated for demolition, and called an eyesore.  This building now brightens the western-most border of the Armory Square historic district near Onondaga Creek.  Onondaga Dynamo Works built and first occupied this three-story warehouse.  McArthur, Wirth and Cooney, a supplier of tools and machinery for butchers and packers, owned the building for most of the 20th century.  It was renovated in 1990 and most recently in 2010.

A watercolor painting of the McArthur Building

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This was an experimental building for the Onondaga Dynamo Works in 1899.  The center of the building from the ground floor to the roof consisted of an open court.  The entire roof was made of skylights, lighting the building unusually well.  The floors are constructed around the court.  The first floor was used for the heavy machinery work, and the second and third floors were used for general factory purposes.  A thirty horse power Fenner gas engine furnished the power for the operation of the plant.  A portion of the first floor was at street level making it possible to load and unload heavy equipment in a relatively easy manner.  The building had a traveling crane of six tons’ capacity which placed machines ready for shipping on a truck or removed parts of machines or casting from the truck to any desired place on the first floor.  The office was located on the second floor.  A steel ceiling was placed in this part of the building. 

While being used as a factory, the first floor façade was altered, and one bay of the second floor windows was removed.  The structure was damaged in a fire and was scheduled for demolition when it was recycled in the 1990s.  At one time in the past, a store front was occupied by Hendricks Photo shop, one of Syracuse’s oldest businesses.