The Bentley-Settle Building was erected in 1895 as a warehouse for the Bentley-Settle wholesale grocery firm.  Its advertisement is still visible on the west façade of the building.  The firm was organized in 1896 when R.E. Bentley purchased interests of wholesale grocers G.N. Crouse and Company, and continued as a wholesale business until 1973.  In the mid 1970s, a group of artists and early pioneers of Armory Square occupied studio space on the upper floors, before opening Eureka Studios at 210 Walton Street.  The Bentley-Settle Building underwent a complete renovation in 1987.

The side of the Bentley-Settle Building still shows the advertisement for the wholesale grocery firm that was previously located there.

A photograph of Walton Street, the Bentley-Settle Building is the tallest structure in the picture

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In the 1800s Syracuse was a major brewing capital, not only of New York, but the entire country.   There were breweries in every neighborhood of the city, but as technology and transportation advanced and developed, the larger companies began to drive the smaller operations out of business.  Greenway and Haberle were two of the largest and well known breweries that dominated in the latter half of the nineteenth century. 

Greenway’s Brewery in Syracuse

An advertisement for Greenway’s Brewing

Prohibition put an end to many breweries, although some were able to survive by switching to soft drink production.  Greenway finally closed in the 1950s and Haberle followed suit a decade later. This began a period of almost 30 years without a single brewery in the city. 

The Haberle Brewing building

A Haberle Brewing Company truck

Starting in the early 1990s a brewing revival began and included three microbreweries that currently operate in Syracuse.   The Bentley-Settle Building houses one of them, the Empire Brewing Company, which is a brewery, restaurant, and pub all in one.  Syracuse Suds Factory and Middle Ages Brewing Company are the other two.